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A journey through the history or Rock music!

Module I | From Blues to Rock | June

Module II | 50's Rock n' roll | July

Module III | 60's Blues Rock | October

Module IV | 70's Glam Rock | November

Module V | Post-punk and Dark Wave | December



9, 16, 23 e 30 Junho/June

20h00 - 21h30 GMT+1 (Lisbon & London time)

Module I | From Blues to Rock

Do you like rock music and would like to dance to this style of music? Would you like to know more about the history of rock music and understand all the sub-styles that are a part of this musical universe? To know musicality notions specific for this style, and try out technique, combinations and stylizations for each sub-style within rock music? Do you love rock music but feel somehow insecure and undecided about what movements and stylization to use with different types of rock?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this online training is for you!

You will learn about the history of rock music and how it gets interlaced with the history of Blues and R&B and the cultural appropriation and discrimination of african-american people in the US. Yes, unfortunately rock music was born out of a process of cultural appropriation. Artists such as the Rolling Stones contributed to make some reparation and try to restitute the legacy of Blues in Rock music, giving credit and using their status to give public attention to legends of Blues and Rock such as Chuck Berry, Little Richard ou Muddy Waters. In the 50's most rock n' rollers profited with what was labeled in white radios as "rock n' roll", without having given any credit to the Blues and R&B afro-american artists who started to play that style of sound. We will discuss this and much more cultural elements, to help you understand not only the music but the culture of this musical style we love, and celebrate the legacy of the amazing artists within Blues that made the appearance of Rock possible.

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You can pay module by module, 2 module pack or the full 5 module course, you choose!

One module: 30 euros (22 euros Vera Mahsati's students)
Pack 2 modules: 50 euros (40 euros Vera Mahsati's students)
The complete course: 115 euros (90 euros Vera Mahsati's students)

What do you get besides the live classes on zoom:

  • Access to the recordings of each class for 1 week after;
  • Access to the exclusive course playlist with the music used in the classes - a journey through rock history that will guide you through the course and beyond!
  • Certificate of attendance - modules or full course!
  • Invitation to integrate an online show dedicated to Rock Fusions in 2022;
  • Possibility of being invited for future Bellydance Rocks productions and shows! 

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