History of Oriental Dance


"History of Oriental Dance" webinar is now available on streaming!

If you missed the live zoom sessions you can now watch the entire content and also buy the pdf of the slides with 120 pages, and watch if at your own pace.

In this webinar I share with you historical, cultural and social information on North African and Middle-Eastern Dances of the XIX, up to the transition to Raqs Sharqi or Oriental Dance, and then how this style evolved in the East and West, leading to the appearance of today's contemporary fusion styles. This online lecture is the result of several years of research which include already 2 communications presented in the academic context, and one paper that will be published later this year in Portugal.

What people are saying about this unique lecture: 

"I was interested in the topic before, and read about it, but I have never seen such a comprehensive, detailed work as yours. I am forever grateful for your hardwork! What you have put together is fascinating!" 

Noemi Tapai 

"Thank you once again for the very informative presentation. It looked like a lotttt of research and work gathered over the years. So congratulations for that! Fabulous job in presenting it with a little humor and very neutral perspective. Leaves room for us attendees to decide for ourselves." 

Dipika Vijay 

Watch the webinar in streaming for 15 days: 15 euros

Watch the webinar in streaming for 15 days + get the pdf of the slides + references: 20 euros

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Vera Mahsati

Member of the International Dance Council CID