Let's talk about violence against women


February is the month of Love, with it's Valentine's Day celebration. A period to indulge in romanticism and try some fancy ways of demonstrating love. I thought it could be a good moment to remember that not every romantic relationship is synonymous with Love, and that unfortunately, a huge number of women around the world suffer from violence in their intimate relationships. 6 women die each hour murdered by a significant other. At least 35% of the times that other is their romantic partner or ex-romantic partner (boyfriend, lover, partner, husband, ex-husband). Recently, the actress Evan Rachel Wood came out and revealed that she had been abused for years by Marilyn Manson, who was her boyfriend and fiancée about 10 years ago. She, like most women in this situation suffered in silence, and has been processing all the psychological pain that the abuses (physical, sexual and psychological) have caused her. This problem is not getting better in the newer generations. Violence is also a part of teenage dating, and is present in every age groups and social classes. Women from lower classes, with lower salaries are at a bigger risk due to financial dependence. 

 I decided to dedicate a bit of time researching and writing on the topic, helping to raise awareness to this subject. If you are suffering in silence and reading this I can only wish you find the help you need. You are not guilty or to blame for the violence. You don't deserve it. He doesn't love you. Love is not dependence, it's not coercion, it's not control, it's not violence. You can find a way out. I hope the following slides can be helpful to everyone who reads them. Share them with anyone who might benefit from reading this.

It's our duty as a society to construct a world in which our girls can grow with the certainty that love is beautiful and safe. That they can love without fear of becoming a victim. Thanks for reading!