Psychology of Dance: Online Interactive lecture for dancers, dance students and dance teachers



Psychology of Dance:

Online Interactive lecture for dancers, dance students and teachers

After the success of my webinar, "History of Oriental Dance", and upon receiving several requests for online lectures on several topics, I am putting my training in Psychology in service of the dance community, and I am offering a lecture to share knowledge useful for dancers and dance students, as well as for dance teachers who want to improve their copying skills and cognitive strategies, and also learn about ways to help their students reach their best potential.

The lecture will be in english so more people can participate.

There will two modules to start up, so here is the program for the first two:

First Module 

November 2020 - Date to be announced soon!

18h00-20h30 (Lisbon and London time) - 19h00-21h30 (CEST) - 

13h-15h30 (New York)

Check other time zones here.

You will learn:

How to stay motivated and motivate others in their dance journey;

Strategies to build self-confidence;

Techniques to increase your attention and concentration for enhanced practice and performance;

Dance imagery skills for improved and more effective training.

On the second module of Psychology of Dance lecture (coming in January 2021 in a date yet to announce) I will talk about emotional intelligence skills, mental health and burnout prevention. Dance can be a challenging profession and activity, so learning about ways to prevent mental disease, identifying signs of burnout and how to manage emotions is very important for healthy dancing and living.

Only 20 spots available for each module, to foster real interaction and create space for a deeper learning experience. This will be a live session with no recording available, as I want to make it as interactive as possible and I want  everyone to feel comfortable discussing ideas, making questions and sharing personal information.

A handout with the main ideas shared will be sent by email to every participant after the lecture.

Price: 20 euros

Register here.

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In case you didn't know:

I have a Ph.D in Psychology, having worked as a clinical psychologist, mindfulness and stress management coacher, and researcher in behavioral science, specializing in cognitive science, self-awareness and self-experience, and I am a published author continuously looked for in the fields of Mindfulness, Stress Management and Personal Development and Self-Awareness.

Currently I am professionally dedicated to dance as both dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, and I am also devoted to researching and writing about the historical, social implications and feminist issues regarding Oriental Dance. I am a member of UNESCO's International Dance Council - CID.