Vintage Jazz Fusion Workshop


April 17th
17h - 19h30
GMT+1 (Lisbon, London & Dublin time)

If you love vintage jazz music like me you will love this special workshop!
The Jazz Era has always influenced my personal style, even if I am not dancing to Jazz music. I feel very much attracted to the atmosphere, aesthetics and spirit of this special period, and I have borrowed inspiration from this era for my costumes, poses, expressions, stylization of moves and stage persona.

In this workshop I will invite you to experiment my approach to understanding Vintage Jazz musicality when using it with Belly Dance (we will be focusing more on Jazz from the 30's) , and I will share with you poses, stylizations and my general approach to dance this style of music. I am also teaching a sequence where you will be able to apply everything, so you can take some steps and combinations to work on and use in your future choreographies and improvisations. I suggest you use a long mermaid skirt or dress for this workshop. It will help you get in the mood. Slits are welcome since we will be using and showing off our legs!

Please note that the name of this workshop is derived from the musical style we will be exploring. In this particular workshop we will focus on Fusion Belly Dance technique and will not include Vintage or Authentic Jazz Dance as other workshops I have teached in the past and will be teaching soon.
This workshop is for everyone with any kind of Oriental Dance, Belly Dance or Fusion Belly Dance background. We will be using technique from Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Fusion Belly Dance.

The recording will be available for 1 week and you will receive a video of the sequence to keep! You will also have access to the playlist to inspire your future creations, improvisations and simple dancing jams at home!

22 euros for the general public
18 euros for my students (online group and private classes)

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