Online Group Classes

2021/2022 Season

Starts October 4th

PT | Aqui está o horário semanal de aulas de grupo online 

EN | Here is the full schedule of weekly group classes 

Classes in portuguese and english

Via Zoom

PT | Recebes a gravação quando não consegues assistir à hora.

EN | You can access the recording when not able to join in time.

Mondays / Segundas

19h15 - 20h15 | Fusion Belly Dance I/II

20h30 - 21h30 | Fusion Belly Dance with Props*NEW*

Prices / Valores:

Drop in / Aula avulso

8 euros

Monthly payment / Mensalidade*

25 euros 1x week

38 euros 2x week

Annual programme:

Fusion Belly Dance

In this class you will be able to clean the technique of this style, for solid foundations, from which it will become easier to improvise and choreograph. Without solid technique it's impossible to flourish in this dance style and develop a clean artistic expression.
These classes will be focused on different movement stylizations in each trimester, so you can finish the season familiar with different repertoires inside the Fusion world.
This means that in each trimester we will dance to different musical styles matching our practice, keeping a specific aesthetic and artistic vibe that will help you enter into the spirit of each vocabulary and sub-style more easily.
These classes are for beginners up to advanced dancers that want to clean their technique, learn more repertoire and get familiar with different sub-styles within Fusion Belly Dance.

October to December | Old School Tribal Fusion technique
January to March | Contemporary & Urban movement inspirations
April to July | Oriental, Cabaret & Vintage Jazz inspired moves - sensual lines and a diva attitude to finish the year!

Fusion Belly Dance with props
(Open Level)

A class focused on learning how to use props/accessories within Fusion.
This if for people who already have some training in Fusion, and want to start to use props or learn more prop options to use in Fusion.
Each 2 months we will work with a different prop.

October & November | Silk Veil
December & January | Silk Veil Fans
February & March | Romani skirt
April & May | Mantón or Shawl
June and July | Review of everything

In the last 2 months we will review all the props and prepare final choreographies that might be filmed for an online show and/or presented in live shows - students in Portugal.

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