Mahsati's Tribe

Artistic Expression | Empowerment | Connection

Teaching is a mission in my life. I feel the urge to transmit the knowledge I received and transformed, sharing my approach to dance and life, empowering women to become the best version of themselves, improve their self-esteem and discover the joy of artistic expression.

I am happy when I share dance and I create something with others. Creating dance pieces and performing together creates bonds between people and a sense of connection and intimacy like few activities can. 

Mahsati's Tribe is the community of dancers that trust in my vision and approach to teaching, who study with me and together create transformative experiences through dance. Every student has the opportunity to perform, share their dance and participate in events that foster personal development.  If someone doesn't want to perform they are very welcomed in the group too, and usually they participate and support the tribe in other ways. 

We are all a big family, growing together!


I am also passionate about training dancers to achieve their maximum potential and help them become professionals when that is their wish. For those who want to be challenged at a higher level, and look for coaching and mentoring I am totally available and happy, so happy, to contribute to set them on their own paths. 

Together we feel stronger and accepted just as we are.  

Mahsati's Tribe power!

Photos with Mahsati's Tribe by  Mar Stevens, Luís Conde, Ricardo Torb and Nuno Nomen 

Students in the pictures: Adriana Sousa, Ana Amorim, Ana França, Ana Casca, Célia Luís, Edite Cardoso, Leónia Porto, Lucimar Amaral, Marta Romero, Niki Paterianaki, Patrícia da Silva, Susana Soares